HDR photography combined with quality photo editing to elevate your listing to the next level.



What is HDR Photography?


HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography is a technique used to retrieve details across the shadows, the mid-tones and the highlights of the photo. This allows for a greater dynamic range of luminosity than with standard digital imaging. 



Sky Replacements

A sunny day is always better for exterior pictures but what happens when it is an overcast day on shooting day and you can't reschedule?

With the magic of photo editing, a gray sky can be swapped for a beautiful blue sky.










Panoramic Photography

Standard photos have a limited field of view even with a wide angle lens. Panoramic photos allow for a filed of view up to 360°. This is ideal for open floor plan spaces or landscaped backyards.

Panoramic views

Panoramic views


Twilight Photography

A twilight photo is taken usually of the exterior of the property, at dusk. It is used to showcase landscape/property lighting, pool lighting and features like fire pits, and also to showcase a beautiful sunset.


Virtual Tours

Fully customizable Virtual Tour Hosting

Branded & Unbranded virtual tours, Link sharing and Embedding enabled, Youtube and MLS integration, customizable Contact and Website information, customizable fonts and colors.

Tips for portraying your house in the most appealing manner.

  • Basics

    • Thoroughly clean the whole house

    • Vacuum, mop, clean countertops in kitchen & bathrooms

    • TV’s, lamps, & ceiling fans should be turned off

    • Open blinds & curtains to get the most natural light in

    • Remove clutter from areas to be photographed

  • Kitchen

    • Clear countertops of small appliances, paper towels, mail, etc.

    • Clear fridge of magnets, papers, photos, etc.

    • Hide the garbage can

    • Make sure there is no dishes in the sink

  • Dining Room

    • Clear table of clutter

    • Straighten chairs and make sure they are evenly spaced

    • Remove high chair or booster chairs

    • Placing fresh flowers or a decorative centerpiece will freshen the space up

  • Living Room

    • Remove clutter- magazines, remote controls, gaming consoles

    • De-clutter mantel

    • Fluff and rearrange cushions and pillows

  • Bedrooms

    • Remove photo frames

    • Make bed and fluff pillows

    • Make sure bedding is straight and symmetrical

    • Press bed linens to smooth out wrinkles

    • Remove clutter from nightstands and dressers

  • Bathrooms

    • Clear off countertops completely No toothbrushes/paste, hair products, or soap

    • Remove shampoos, soaps, & razors from showers & tubs

    • Replace dirty towels with clean, unused and not wrinkled towels

    • Remove bath mats

    • Put toilet seat down

    • Wipe mirrors of dust and water splash

  • Kids/Guest room

    • Remove photo frames

    • Make bed and fluff pillows

    • Make sure bedding is straight and symmetrical

    • Press bed linens to smooth out wrinkles

    • Remove clutter from nightstands and dressers

  • Pets

    • Place food & water bowls out of sight

    • Remove crates or pet beds from areas to be photographed

    • Clear backyard of pet waste and toys

  • Exteriors

    • Remove Trash cans

    • Remove cars from driveway and close garage doors

    • Clean up landscaping, such as a mowed lawn, limbs & weeds removed

    • Clean porches and straighten outdoor furniture & cushions/pillows

    • Clean pool & remove debris

    • Hide gardening hose, toys, etc.

    • Clean up grilling areas and remove grill cover

    • Open up umbrellas in patio and/or decks

  • Helpful tips

    • Use lint rollers to clean up pet fur on cushions and pillows

    • Hide unwanted objects in closets and garage, unless it’s a selling feature, closets/garages won’t be photographed

    • Make sure you have spare light bulbs and that they are all the same color/temperature